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3rd Quarter 2017

Balancing Act: Save for Tomorrow While Enjoying Life Today

It can be difficult to save for the future when so much of your paycheck goes toward everyday expenses — especially if you’d like to have some fun now. But you don’t need to sacrifice everything in order to build a solid financial future. A few key strategies can help you balance enjoying life today and planning for tomorrow. [...continued]

Savvy Tax-Planning Tips

You still have time to implement tax-saving strategies before you close the books on 2017. Don’t risk missing a tax break by waiting until the last minute. Learn about some steps to improve your tax situation before the end of the year. [...continued]

Around ICMA-RC

Find out more about tools and resources to help you plan for future savings, how to sign up for TextAccess so you can receive account information by sending a text from your mobile phone to ICMA-RC, and the Designing Spaces episode that featured the remodeling of the Lighthouse Point Firehouse and showed ICMA-RC helping firefighters plan for retirement. [...continued]

Saving Forward: Symptoms of Financial Wellness

In the last issue of the Quarterly News, we asked readers what financial wellness means to them. Find out more about the answers they chose and how you can improve your financial wellness, which can help you manage your money now and reach your financial goals. [...continued]

Tax Guide for Freelance Income

Doing some freelance or consulting work on the side can be a great way to supplement your income. Even if you have a stable income and benefits from a full-time employer, joining the gig economy in your extra time can pay off handsomely. But you’ll need to learn about special tax issues for freelancers to cash in on extra benefits. [...continued]

Smart Employee Benefit Decisions This Fall

This is the time of year to make choices about employee benefits for 2018. Find out more about steps that may help you save money, cut your tax bill, build your retirement savings, stretch your health care dollars, pay for child care, and make the most of other benefits. [...continued]

Investing Spotlight: Q&A on Emerging-Markets Funds

You may have heard about emerging-markets funds or seen them offered in your retirement investments. It’s important to know what they invest in and whether they should have a place in your portfolio. Read the answers to frequently asked questions about emerging-markets funds. [...continued]
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